How to Resize Photos form Iphone to etrack

Firstly Windows Live gallery must be installed, 

This can be downloaded from the following location:


Windows 7




For the Installation options all should be unticked except for the Live Gallery and or Silverlight (XP )

Once it has finished installing

We need to Add a Directory to the sources tree ( on the left ) 

At the top Right Click All Photos and Videos, and then Select Include a Folder in the Gallery

Its highly recomemended that you add 1 root folder to your desktop and call this Photos for Etrack, 

You can then create subfolders with the date then learner etc etc 

for example

Photos for etrack           
    learner a      
    learner b      
    learner a      

Once youve selected Photos for Etrack as a folder to add, 

This should be then listed on the left.

If you then Import your Photos from your Iphone to this Directory. 

You simple press CTRL + A 

Right Click one Picture > Select Resize. 


Then Hit Delete, this will remove all the high sized originals and leave you with the compressed version which are alot more managable size wise.



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