How to keep your computer happy!

Happy computers = happy workers, its that simple. 

Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your PC/Laptop.

Dust? What Dust?

Dust can have a performance effect as well, not so much on laptops as this is more or less enclosed, but Desktops are very much prone for having dust build up.

Dust can consist of paper fibers, dead human skin, animal and human hair and many other factors.

As a good majority of desktops have fans to blow hot hair out, so cold air can circulate,  they also let dust in.

Over time dust build up with enter and build up usually at the bottom of your case and around your CPU Heatsink.

But how do i clean it?

A vacuum will do just fine, or you can use canned Air.  just remove the side of your desktop ( please make sure its turned off ) and hover the vacuum over the fan this should suck most of the dust out, if you find that there is alot of dust build up using a small screwdriver gently scratch away at the dust between the prongs of the heatsink to looses up any stuck bits.


Virus and Adware Scanning. 

Making sure your PC/laptop is Virus ,Trojan and Malware  free is one of the most important things you can do to keep your computer happy.

Any malicious software will decrease performance, give undesired effects ie random programs opening up and taking personal data.

While not all viruses do the same thing they all have at least 1 thing in common... They are not wanted.

Run virus scans every now and then, preferably 1 full scan per week with a couple of quick scans in between, most Anti Virus scanners will have the option for scheduled scans. Why not set some up? have a quick scan set for 4:30pm on monday and wednesday and set a full scan for friday at 4pm? 


Here are a few extra programs that will help in your combat for virus free computing:

      • Adaware - This is a free Anti-Malware scanner with now implemented Anti virus, its main feature is to stop malicious programs writing to your disk.
      • Housecall Trend Micro: This is a free Online Virus Scanner, one of the best.
      • Malwarebytes: Is another free Malware program that scans for malicious programs, This can be run aside your current Virus Scanner for added extra protection. Malwarebytes also alerts you about suspicious websites. 

If you would like help removing a virus, or suspect you have a virus please Click Here to create a ticket.


here is a Trojan Virus in Action, 



Thats defragmentation, what this does is re arrange files to increase access times. What this means is it speeds up opening and accessing files.

If you find applications are taking a while to open, a defrag can sometimes help reduce those load times.

Its best practice to defrag once every 3 month or When needed.


To Run a defrag ( you will need administrator privileges to run. ):

                  • Click Start
                  • Click My Computer/Computer
                  • Right Click C:
                  • Properties
                  • Tools 
                  • Defragment now

From here you either Defragment your harddrive, or Analyze it to see if it needs defragging.  



Programs......I need those


Correct. Programs are needed but sometimes having to many can have a impact on performance.

How so? They take up space, with taking up that space its more difficult for windows to search for files.

Windows stores files not as the way we see them in windows explorer, but segment files instead.

This means that 1 individual file could hold possibly 100s of segmented files that make up that one singular file,

which brings back to the previous of defragging. 

Obviously the more programs you have installed the more cluttered the segmented files will be and the longer its going to take for windows to find those and  piece them together ( this is why defragging is just as important to keep your PC running that bit quicker ) .


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